Chico Faganello, Director, Filmes que Voam

Carlos Eduardo Freire Coelho, Director of Business and Operations , PlayTV

Márcio Jesus, Director of Retail Marketing, Algar Telecom

Vitor Knijnik, CEO, Snack - Rede de Canais

Eduardo Pauletti, CEO, Multiplay

Fatima Pissarra , General Manager VEVO Brazil / Music2, VEVO

Luiz Bannitz Guimarães, Director, Looke

Fabio Golmia, CEO , Enterplay

Luther Peczan, VP Publishing & CEO , Paramaker

Antonio Guerreiro, Founder & General Director,

Ricardo Sanfelice, VP Marketing, Telefonica | Vivo

Ronaldo Bettini Jr., Marketing Director, ETC Filmes

Marcelo Mattar, Head of Partnerships, Samsung Brasil

Carlos Rosa, Licensing and Partnerships, Nirvana Digital

Ariel Dascal, Diretor Geral, Oi TV

Cícero Aragon, Diretor Presidente, Box Brazil

Fabio Vilardo, CTO, Enterplay

Second Generation OTT is coming to Brazil

TV Industry leaders, film and OTT, pay TV operators and broadcast TV programmers, film and TV producers, regulators, companies, media groups and technology providers will discuss key issues on the future of the industry.
    Main Topics:
    • TV Everywhere and OTT new strategies of traditional programmers
    • Transformation of Pay TV operators.
    • Strategies based on advertising for free OTTs.
    • Multichannel Online Networks
    • The “Millennials” and changes in TV consumption.
    • Producers and distributors of Film and TV: How to participate in the OTT business?
    • Negotiate with Netflix or create alternative OTTs?
    • Anti-piracy strategies online

TV as we know it is fading

OTT Pay TV, TV audiences moving to YouTube channels and online multichannel Networks, new Free OTT advertising- based, producers and distributors of film and TV that create their own OTTs, radios and record labels migrating Music to online video, newspapers and traditional media on paper disappears and emerge on the Internet and produce video.

More than 200 attendees each year

A focused conference.